TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR

About Us

The team was established as part of the Technology and EDUcation for Search And Rescue robots (TEDUSAR) project, running from September 2011 to August 2014. TEDUSAR was a cross-border project between Slovenia and Austria, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and local governments. The aim was to foster education, development and research in robotics and artificial intelligence. 
The team began working on autonomous search and exploration robots to support emergency teams in disaster situations. There are several challenges to be faced in this environment: e.g. unstructured physical environments, automatic creation of maps, autonomous collection of information. 
Over the years, the team has evolved and expanded its specialist area to include field and planetary robotics. 
In addition, the ARTI company has founded out of the team.

Today, we uphold the legacy and keep working on the exciting challenges of autonomous robots. 
Our team members are students from various fields and programs (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
We regularly participate in international competitions, and also take part in exercises with emergency professionals such as the fire brigade to test the use of robots in disaster situations.


We have the chance to work together on solutions and to try out our ideas for various problems within the areas of autonomous robots for disaster control and planetary exploration.
Furthermore, we get to gain practical experience during our studies.

The opportunity to work closely in research projects also helps to deepen our knowledge in our specialist area.

Challenging ourselves with other teams and improving our performance in various competitions, events and exercises, and the exchange with experts brings a great boost in motivation.